Matthew Goodman's Personal Site

Engineering is what separates sci-fi and reality.

Here are some things I have done:

  • 3Scan is a company I helped found. In 2019 it became a part of Strateos.
  • Coup de Foudre is a group of artists, scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. We build large Tesla coils and other exotic high-power art. We do events at museums, Burning Man, and other venues.
  • Github is the place that keep the software I develop.
  • I have a portfolio with pretty pictures.

Here are some things I would like to do more of:

  • Astrometry is the precise study of stars and other celestial bodies. I am in particular interested in tracking satellites and other human space artifacts.
  • Plasma Physics specifically computational modeling and numerical control approaches to plasma control. Along side this comes a healthy interest in high power electronics and fusion.
  • Generative PCB design, I love the idea of getting computers to do more of the heavy lifting on circuit design/layout. I have written my own EDA software to facilitate some strange designs.
  • Computational Photography of the 5d lightfield that we all know and love. This includes satellite photography, time-lapse, IR/UV photography, super-macro, high-speed, and low light. I love my Sony a7SII. I have done more Canon hacking than is probably legal.
  • Rail guns, because hoverbike. I intend to reproduce some work in this direction.

These are the people take inspiration from:

  • Literature - Greg Egan, Neil Gaiman, Neal Stephenson, George Dyson, Vernor Vinge, Liu Cixin, Phillip K. Dick
  • Cinema/TV - Ghost in the Shell, Rick and Morty, Existenz, Blade Runner
  • Modern Scientists - Martine Rothblatt, Eric Chaisson, Ed Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Robert Erdmann, Ed Catmull
  • Historic Scientists - Von Nuemann, Tesla, Einstein, Marconi, Claussius