Playa Timelapse - September 2011

Sometime in August 2011 I was given my first “real” camera, about 3 weeks later I left it on a mountainside. Thankfully this wasn’t an accident, a small team of us had carefully chosen a location to leave it, direction it was pointed, and jerry-rigged two car batteries and a solar charger to support its purpose.

alt text

Over the course of the next 5 weeks the camera would take just shy of 9000 photos, in the middle of that time, and the center of the frame, was the Burning Man event.

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The above image is one of the byproducts of the set of images we collected, a fusion between a night shot of the man burning, and a calm morning with raking sun angle. Ultimately we compiled these photos into a video, which something like a half-million people saw!

This viewership was largely fueled by Petapixel and Gawker doing bits on our work.

Below are a few of the people who helped hike, drag up equipment, and swap SD cards as needed. Without them, this would have never been possible.

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