Galaxia Temple Lights - September 2018

It is pretty rare that a temple needs software support, but this was an exceptional circumstance.

A group of friends decided that the 2018 Galaxia Temple should have digitally controllable incandescent lights. This is something that would have been trivial to do with LED’s, but the traditional pallet for this structure has been light colored wood and warm incandescent light.

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About 30 volunteers helped us populate, solder, and test approximately 500 custom circuit boards.

The installation of 1,500 individual fixtures, attached to over 500 custom circuit boards.

Their pattering and synchronization was my job. In addition to sorting out the protocol and overall digital structure, I guided numerous contributors in the creation of patterns that would play on the temple during the event.

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Here is what it looked like when it all came together:

Here are some of the lighting team (Thunder Muffins) that made this all possible.

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I owe deep thanks to Gerald and Arthur who enabled me to help with this epic project.

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