Flipside Effigy - June 2011

Just after moving to Austin I got tangled up with the Flipside arts community. The theme for the event they were building for was “Bad Idea”

The goal of the architect was to embody a yoga pose of two female figures supporting a bridge. The local hackerspace I worked with had just gotten a kinect, which I eagerly turned into a tool for 3d scanning.

alt text

With a fair bit of (manual) post processing we produced a mesh we were able to use to guide CNC plywood cutting and finally construction.

alt text

This was a huge collaboration with the Austin DAFT crew, many of whom I keep in touch with to this day. Then in the tradition of our people, we set our work on fire and watched it burn. alt text

HackADay wrote a thing about it!

Here is some of the crew that made this all happen.

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